Quick Tips for the Holidays

Before you travel:

  • If you are pregnant, have a serious health condition, or are travelling to a location with harsh conditions, consult your doctor before you go, and refill any prescriptions that you will need while away.
  • See your doctor for advice about travel vaccinations (and protecting yourself from malaria if necessary), ideally at least eight weeks before going abroad.
  • Check public health and travel advice.
  • Take water purification tablets with you, in order that you can prepare safe water locally if bottled water isn’t available.
  • Consider taking certain over-the-counter medicines with you such as those for constipation or stomach upsets.
  • If travelling to an environment with more extreme weather conditions, remember to take appropriate clothing and sunscreen where appropriate.

Stay healthy while away:

  • Wash your hands (and dry them on a paper towel) or use a hand sanitiser after using the toilet and before eating food.
  • Stay hydrated, once you are sure the water you are drinking is safe (see below).
  • Avoid contact with local wildlife and stray animals such as dogs and cats.

Take care with what you eat and drink:

  • Avoid drinking tap water (including ice cubes) if you are unsure about its quality, instead purchase bottled water, or boil or purify water before using.
  • Make sure food is piping hot and served hygienically.
  • Ensure that fresh fruit can be peeled before eating.
  • Ensure food is well-cooked and served steaming hot. Avoid raw or slightly cooked food, seafood, mayonnaise, ice cream, butter, etc.
  • Eat breads, tortillas, crackers, biscuits, and other baked goods.
  • Eat fruits, nut, and vegetables with thick skins, peels, or shells that you remove yourself. Wash any food in bottled, boiled or purified water.
  • Brush your teeth with bottled or boiled water, or water you have purified yourself.
  • Use bottled water when taking medicines, as diarrhoea could affect the impact of tablets.