Children are our future, and it's important that they learn the tools to live healthy, happy lives.

The Dettol Health For More starts in our homes and extends to our communities, including our schools. Our schools programme is developed with materials to educate students on the role of good hygiene, and motivate them to strive for better health habits and improve attendance.

Let’s Play Programme Parents

Let’s Play!

Welcome to Let's Play, Dettol's fun educational programme for your little muck magnets!

There's nothing better for developing children's minds and bodies than fun-filled play. But, whether you're a teacher or a parent, it's hard to keep thinking up fun ways to keep kids active and engaged.

What is Let’s Play?

It's a play-based educational project by Dettol which is running in nurseries and reception classes up and down the country right now. Its purpose is to encourage children to play freely while giving parents and teachers the confidence to know that, even though kids get grubby, they can still play safely!

Let’s Play!

Stuck for play ideas? Not any more! The Let's Play Game Generator is here to give you instant inspiration.

Product information

The ‘as if by magic’ No-Touch soap dispenser that encourages children to wash their hands and helps stop the spread of bacteria.

Hygiene Tips

No matter where kids play, you can make sure it's all good clean messy fun!