New Mums

We are committed to offer information that will help Mum prepare for her newborn's arrival and future baby care.

If you are expecting a baby, practising good hygiene to create a healthy home environment is essential in protecting yourself and your family from germs. For mums-to-be and their unborn babies, reducing the risk of exposure to certain germs and infections can help prevent harmful complications.

Good home hygiene not only helps to protect your baby during the first few vulnerable months of their life while their immune system is still developing, it helps promote the health and wellbeing of your whole family too. Keeping your home clean and developing good, effective hygiene practices does not need a huge effort but it can make a big difference.

With over 70 years of experience in hygiene, Dettol is committed to helping families understand how they can flourish in a clean and healthy environment – keeping your home clean is part of a holistic health solution which will benefit your entire family.