Pets can carry germs too, so you need to take extra care about handwashing and cleaning surfaces and objects which they come into contact with.

  • Make sure pets are fully immunised.
  • Wash your hands after touching animals or their toys, dog leads, cages, blankets, bedding, or other pet equipment.
  • Clean litter trays and cages and change all cage bedding on a regular basis and keep them away from food preparation areas and children.
  • Don't clean pet cages and tanks in your kitchen sink.
  • Floor surfaces used by pets and pet feeding areas should be regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Provide pets with their own feeding dishes and utensils that you clean regularly and separately from other household items.
  • Do not let your pet share your plate or lick your face.
  • Health Alert: Pregnant women should not change or handle cat litter. This can put them at risk of toxoplasmosis (a parasitic infection that can be passed from animals to humans and may harm your unborn baby).

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