There are so many questions, when it comes to hygiene and your family. Find the most common ones answered here by the DETTOL experts.


Good personal hygiene is essential in helping to prevent the development and spread of infections and illnesses, both in the home and elsewhere.

Food Preparation

If food is not cooked, stored and handled properly, germs can be spread and people can quickly become ill. To ensure you keep your kitchen hygienically clean, follow these golden rules:

Your Home

Keeping your home clean and developing good, effective hygiene practices does not need a huge effort but can make a big difference to your family’s health.

Safe Water

If you do not have access to a piped supply of safe water, you will need to treat your water before you use it for drinking or food preparation to ensure that it is safe.


Pets can carry germs too, so you need to take extra care about handwashing and cleaning surfaces and objects which they come into contact with.


When travelling to new or different countries, you need to take precautions regarding the food and drink you consume and ensure you are vaccinated appropriately before leaving home.

During Pregnancy

In addition to personal health habits, there are some important steps you can take to ensure that your environment is a healthy one, too.

After Birth

Here’s what you need to know to keep your new baby safe and healthy.