Healthy Homes

Learn how to keep your home hygienically clean and understand which surfaces you really need to clean and disinfect and those you don’t. In addition you’ll find tips and products to help you protect your family from infection.


Pests such as rodents and insects can spread illness-causing germs around your home. Find out how to stop them getting into your home and how Dettol can help you destroy the germs they spread.


Keeping yourself and surfaces clean can help you protect your family from food poisoning germs.


Learn how to reduce the spread of toilet germs and other germs in your bathroom.

Bedrooms and living areas

The surfaces in your bedrooms and living areas provide places for germs and bacteria to collect. You can help to reduce these with a few simple good hygiene practices.


In many homes, pets are considered members of the family, but they can also carry illness-causing germs in and on their bodies. Find out how to keep your family healthy whilst enjoying your pets.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Learn the difference between cleaning your home and disinfecting it, and when and where to do both.